Monday, November 05, 2012

most of our labor issues are above our shoulders

The BOLD Method for birth is rocking childbirth in Atlanta! We have had moms come to our class and begin the healing from their previous births. And we have had first time moms come and find their way to a gentle birth.

I had a mom who was pregnant with her first baby attend the weekend Women’s Birth Circle another certified BOLD Method Birth Facilitator Charlotte Scott and I team teach. She shared how every female on her maternal side had birthed by cesarean; her grandmother, her mother, her sister and her cousin. She left the weekend not believing that was her fate. She moved from not trusting her body to believing that her body indeed rocked.

I was her doula for her birth. She had a prodromal start to her labor, but woke from a nap to be in active labor. She birthed with ease and gentleness vaginally. She broke the family legacy and began a new one for her daughter. She believed she could do it and said she felt empowered by the tools she left class with that weekend.

I had another mom who left our BOLD Method birth class with a mantra that her birth would be painful but gentle. I thought that was an odd mantra. She labored irregularly at home. I offered up the suggestion that she get in the tub with her partner and lower her sounds to deeper and lower ones. She soon found a rhythm in her labor. Although originally fighting a bit with the early contractions, she found peacefulness as she melted into her lover in the tub.

She decided she was ready to move to the hospital that was only minutes away and got out of the tub. But the moment she put her feet on the bathroom floor, she knew she was not going anywhere. She knelt down on one knee and reached between her legs as she gently pushed her son into her hands almost effortlessly. She was amazed that her son had come so quickly. She indeed had lived her mantra- painful but gentle.

That same weekend we taught our BOLD Method weekend intensive and a mom had attended who was having her second child. Her first one had been a difficult labor with tons of interventions. Her mantra after the weekend was 'easy and fast!' She began laboring with her second child and within four hours had her son in her arms. She called to let me know it had happened just as she had believed it would.

I do believe that most of our labor issues are above our shoulders. These women had work to do before they could have the births they desired. They were willing to do the work. Not all labors will unfold just as we had dreamed, but as The BOLD Method teaches pregnant women if we do not allow ourselves to begin to dream, that dream has no chance of becoming reality.

Often women are afraid to believe that if they believe it can become true it will. They are afraid of being let down. They are afraid of being disappointed. But just as Audre Lorde wrote

When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.”

We are afraid our dreams will not come true or be possible. But when we fail to dream, we are unable to dream. The BOLD Method teaches pregnant women that it is better to dream.

I have been teaching childbirth education for over 17 years. I was certified with CAPPA and had done two levels of training with Birthing from Within. But the methods I had been teaching were lacking a few things that I did not realize were lacking until I took The BOLD method. I knew women needed to understand the power within them but I lacked how to actually get them to connect with that power. The BOLD Method showed me how. The power centers I learned about in The BOLD Method are the trigger to finding their power for so many women. 

I also knew that women were not taking full responsibility for their labors and births. I would hear them talk about their first births and see them shift the responsibility to others rather than seeing they had given away their power. And until a woman understands she gives her power away, she cannot fully understand how to maintain that power. This is another teaching pregnant women learn from being taught The BOLD Method. This alone will change birth within our culture! The victim or bobble head Barbie concept will be demolished and women will take back their births!

I feel I am making more of an impact teaching The BOLD method and the powerful decision making tools that this method encompasses more than any method I have taught in my 17 years of teaching. Thanks Karen for this method and the power it has given me to help women find their own power!

Teresa Howard, CLD, CLE (CAPPA), BOLD Method certified birth facilitator

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