Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Investing in The New Paradigm for Birth

“The BOLD Method tools awaken our ever-expanding creativity and potential so that we are not only a part of changing the culture of birth, we are a part of changing the world.”

I knew Karen Brody as the lady who took a nap and birthed a play.  I’d read an article a couple years previous about how through the practice of yoga nidra, Karen, who’d never written a play, became playwright of BIRTH and later founder of BOLD, advocating for mother-friendly maternity care.  Her story affected me on many levels.  First and most obvious was my love of the work, tying childbirth to female empowerment.  My own experience had taught me that birth was a time to wake up, turn up the volume on my feminine capacities and bring forth my creative power.  So I was all about supporting women in discovering their innate wisdoms and creating empowered births.

Karen’s story also spoke to my heart’s desire to continue to live with the feminine on full blast.  I was developing a deep trust in the unknown and hearing how Karen unexpectedly birthed a play served to deepen my trust in the process.  Had I not been exposed to her story, I probably would not have logged on to her website two years later when I saw an ad for The BOLD Method Birth Facilitator training.  But because I knew that this method was developed by a woman who embodied the very principles that I knew could change everything, I immediately typed in the URL.  Excited as I was though, I still had doubts: Was this really for me?  Was I going to invest this much time and money into myself and into my work? 

I’m not sure the exact moment I decided to take the leap.  It may have been when, on the free introductory call, Karen invited us to put our hands on our hearts.  Or was it when she emailed me back right away with answers to my questions?  Either way, I was on board as soon as I got a strong sense for how this training did not exist within the old paradigm.  It wasn’t a hierarchy, it was a community.  It wasn’t based in linear thinking, it was open to intuitive, big-picture thinking. The very thinking our future calls for.  The NEW paradigm for birth. 

Now that I have completed the training, I can say with a big, BOLD heart that I am so grateful I did it and it was worth every bit of investment.  Had I chosen to play small and ignore the tug at my heart, I’d surely have been depriving the world of something vital.  I chose to stand in my value and in that seemingly small act, I change the culture of birth because I affirm that what I offer with these tools is worthy and indeed capable of moving birth to sacred ground. 

Through this body of work, I can offer a new path for pregnant women while at the same time continue on my personal journey.  Its fluidity meets my need to grow and evolve with and in my work.  The tools awaken our ever-expanding creativity and potential so that we are not only a part of changing the culture of birth, we are a part of changing the world.

Carrie Ferguson
Jacksonville, Florida
BOLD METHOD Certified Birth Facilitator


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